The Verticool Airconditioner

    • Ideal for airconditioning existing open layouts without obstructing partitions.

    • Need no ducting or false ceiling, hence quick to install.

    • Does not need wall or window space. With a footprint of less than 2.5 sq. ft., it will utilise an unused corner or can be installed beside a column in the room.

    • Large spaces can be cooled using multiple units.

    • Cold air is delivered from a good height and can therefore reach up to 25 ft., enabling cooling of a large area.

Technically Advanced

Powerful cooling: Available in 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 ton capacities so you can consider non-ducted solutions for larger spaces. Multiple units can aircondition much larger spaces.

Powerful air throw: Excellent air throw of up to 1062 CFM to a distance of 20 feet, reaches every corner of the room for quick, eective cooling.

Power saving, 3-phase scroll compressor, guarantees up to 10% power savings over single phase splits, and ensures longer life.

Anti-corrosive Blue:n condenser: Inner grooved, copper, anti-corrosive blue-n condenser for highly ecient heat-transfer.

Reliable: 3-phase scroll compressor and a sturdy system design ensures longer life, making them more reliable.

Compact: Small footprint IDU and ODU occupy little space. Low-height ODU is fa├žade-friendly.
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